Cape Verde

There is only one name for an impressive archipelago born form the African fire amidst the Atlantic: Cape Verde. Located about 570 kilometers off Africa´s west coast, this horseshoe shaped paradise of 10 islands and eight islets covers over 4000 km2 of the breathtaking Macaronesia.

In the so-called “Barlovento Islands” (e.g. windward) you will discover the Island of Sal and São Vicente. They just leave us breathless and offer diverse and rich landscapes. They are simply a paradise of contrasts: virgin beaches, turquoise waters and volcanic marks that proudly show the origin of these islands.

In general, the climate in Cape Verde is milder than in the African mainland because the surrounding sea moderates the temperature. With an average of 350 sunny days over the year, Sal is just a heaven for sun and beach lovers. Also, Cape Verde´s social and cultural life is influenced by Africa, Portugal and Brazil.

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