Who we are

Specialists in hotel management.
Hoteles THe is born of the know-how and experience of Grupo Martinón in the tourism sector in the Caribbean and on the Canary Islands. Our hotel chain is founded in 2012 with three hotels of Grupo Martinón (Grumasa S.L.) and two hotels of Grupo Germán Suárez. Since then, we have been characterized by the constant growth and the large expansion, and have currently 21 establishments with over 4.184 beds in Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Fuertenventura, as well as in Cadiz and Cape Verde.
“Strengh in unity”
The famous principle “strengh in unity” is our main motto. The union of hotels under the same hotel chain rises their bargaining power facing increasingly stronger tour operators. The higher your bed volume, the stronger you will be in the market. Tour operators will take a hotel chain more into consideration than a single, independent hotel. Nevertheless, Hoteles THe is characterized by the fact that the proprietor retains control of the administration of the hotel and that the interests of the hotel take priority over the interests of the brand.
Marketing, commercialization and management assessment.
In addition to the professionals with vast experience in marketing, hotel management and commercialisation, our chain currently has agreements with more than 50 tour operators, enabling it to cater for the whole European market. We use technological innovation to adapt to new trends in the market. Thus, we automate the sales, operations and contract management process, and put special emphasis in quality management.
We welcome hoteliers who want to benefit from the group's positive synergies.
Hoteles THe puts its services at the disposal of three main clients. On the one hand, we address those independent hoteliers who wish to be part of our group and benefit from the positive synergy of being part of it. On the other hand, the tour operators are an essential element, as we try to build trust and share projects. Last but not least, the final clients who come from Spain but also from all over Europe, are the center of our business.


In that case, do not hesitate contacting our commercial department by calling +34 928 240 038.
Experts in making you happy.








Our mission. Our vision. Our values.
Always yes, always one step ahead. We adapt to every client and every moment.
Innovation and eco-efficiency are the guide to ensure your health during your stay, while we take care of our planet.
We participate actively in the community we live in. We are committed to the environment, the history and the culture.
Quality makes the difference. Therefore, offering a quality service is our permanent challenge and our commitment.
We take care of our employees, and our employees take care of our clients. Our most precious capital: qualified and committed professionals that are passionate at their work.
We are responsible for all our actions and decisions. We act on the basis of our ethical code and the social responsibility.